How I Can Help You

I help new entrepreneurs who struggle with market research by giving them frameworks to confidently CONNECT with their audience on a deeper level. They quickly convert their audience into customers by speaking their language and making them feel seen on a deeper level.

My Philosophy

People are so saturated with information that they are looking for someone to move them. If you can do that, you’ll win their attention for a moment. But if you CONNECT with them on a deeper level, you’ve started a relationship. To do this with the masses starts with understanding a few of your ideal audience REALLY well.

My Methods

I believe a simple framework with an understanding of why can get you out there talking to your people. I’ll keep it simple so you can ask them why.

My Goals

I don’t want you to get stuck at asking your audience questions. I want you to reach well beyond this phase of business development because that’s when the fun really begins. The connections go deeper. And I believe that’s why we’re all here having a human experience: to CONNECT.

Market Research Breakthrough Session

Breakthrough ANY Market Research barriers you have in a 3 hour session. Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to jump over this barrier. Practice your interviewing skills, write a simple "ask" to get people on a call with you, analyze the data from your interviews, strategize how to use the information gathered from your market research, or anything else that will create a huge breakthrough in your Market Research. The current cost is $439 to take your market research game to the next level and get your first paying customers.

The Power Punch Kickstart

Done-for-You Market Research Interviews: Get all the data to kickstart your business without the learning curve of conducting deep-dive interviews. I'll find and talk to your people so you don't have to. If you don't have the time, don't want to waste time learning this skill, or just don't want to talk to people, I won't judge. I'll do it for you in under 2 weeks and deliver a summary as well as all the recordings. It doesn't matter if you're starting out or want to launch a new product. I just need to know your goal for the interviews (biz development, product development, product launch, etc). This package is $1197. When I'm done, you'll have all the juicy details to sell to your audience with confidence.

Interview Jedi Training

Done-With-You Market Research Interviews: Accelerate the learning curve of conducting deep-dive interviews by starting with data and interviews conducted by me with your audience. I do 5 interviews then you do 5 interviews, then we birth your business or product together. 10 interviews with your ideal clients in under 2 weeks will set the foundation for years to come. You'll know how to do your own market research forevermore after we work together interviewing your market. This package is $2197.  This skill is invaluable and THE MOST IMPORTANT skill you can learn for your business.

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